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Application of Hydrocyclone and Hydrocyclone Desander supplier

Application of Hydrocyclone and Hydrocyclone Desander supplier

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Hydrocyclone Desanders are equipment used to separate and remove the heavier coarse particles of silt and other substances in sewage, and are sometimes used for mud dewatering. It is often made of circular column structures or metal pipes. It is a high-efficiency classification and desliming equipment.


Classification of Hydrocyclone Desanders

According to the structure, it is divided into: long cone type, short cone type; long column type, short column type and full column type.


According to the feeding pressure, it is divided into: pressurized hydrocyclone and non-pressurized Hydrocyclone Desander.


According to the type of material, it can be divided into two-product hydrocyclones and three-productHydrocyclone Desanders.


Features and functions




Advantages: simple structure, easy to manufacture, large processing capacity


Disadvantages: It consumes a lot of power, and wears severely when high-pressure feeding.




(1) Grading (2) Desliming (3) Thickening (4) Desanding and impurity removal (5) Tailings filling and damming


Application of Hydrocyclone Desanders in various industries


1 Non-metallic mine cyclone

Hydrocyclone Desanders for non-metallic mines are mainly used for grading, sorting, concentration and dehydration of non-metallic minerals such as kaolin, bentonite, feldspar, etc. In addition, non-metallic mine cyclones are also suitable for the classification of new materials such as photovoltaic materials and wear-resistant materials.

(1) Cyclone for kaolin beneficiation

The kaolin beneficiation process is generally divided into dry and wet kaolin beneficiation methods.

2 Hydrocyclone Desander for alumina

In the process of alumina production, Hydrocyclone Desanders can be used for grinding and classification of raw ore slurry preparation, aluminum hydroxide (seeds, finished products) classification, rapid separation of red mud, comprehensive utilization and storage of red mud, sand removal, and evaporation The rapid separation of crystals, the floating recovery of the mother liquor of seed fractions, and the treatment of dusty wastewater are involved in multiple processes.


The overflow pipe is mostly circular, and its diameter is usually 0.2-0.3 times the diameter of the hydrocyclone. Its main function is to smoothly, constantly and continuously lead the separated overflow product out of the body. Increasing the diameter of the overflow pipe will increase the overflow flow, but the overflow particle size will also become coarser, and the fine particles in the sedimentation will decrease and the concentration will increase.


Generally, the diameter of the grit port increases, the overflow flow decreases, and the overflow fineness becomes finer, while the amount of grit increases, the concentration decreases, and the fineness increases, but it has no significant effect on the throughput of the cyclone. The diameter of the grit port If it becomes smaller, the amount of sediment discharged will decrease, and the phenomenon of "roughing" will appear in the overflow. If it is too small, the coarse particles will accumulate more and more on the top of the cone, resulting in blockage.


In addition, the Hydrocyclone Desander is not only used in non-metallic minerals and alumina, but also used in metal minerals, fertilizers, chemicals, paper industry, construction industry, etc. It has now become an essential grading equipment for mineral processing.


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