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AJ Solids Control Exported Vertical Cutting Dryer

AJ Solids Control Exported Vertical Cutting Dryer

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Vertical Cutting Dryer is a vertical type centrifuge. It is now commonly used in drilling waste management. The drilling cuttings with fluid discharge of Vertical Cutting Dryer is nearly dry. This is AJ's first Vertical Cutting Dryer to European customers.

AJ Vertical Cutting Dryer's parameters:


Model AJS-720
Drying efficiency OOC≦5%
Drum bowl diameter 820 r/min
G force 360
Main motor power 18.5KW
Oil pump motor 120W (0.16HP)
Vibrating motor power 0.75KW (1 HP)
Oil tank capacity 60L
Screen basket crack 0.25-0.5mm
Explosion-proof ExdII BT4
Size 2200x1690x2150mm
Weight 4500kgs