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A detailed explanation of the Hydrocyclone Desander factory, focusing on the use of methods, troubleshooting and other knowledge

A detailed explanation of the Hydrocyclone Desander factory, focusing on the use of methods, troubleshooting and other knowledge

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1. Hydrocyclone Desander Equipment overview


The Hydrocyclone Desander is a classification equipment that uses centrifugal force to accelerate the sedimentation of mineral particles. It needs pressure to the ore, so it consumes a lot of power, but it has a small area, low price, large processing capacity, high classification efficiency, and can obtain very fine overflow products, which are mostly used for the classification operation in the second stage of closed-circuit grinding. Sometimes it is also used for mud dewatering, divided pressure type and gravity type, often made of cylindrical structures or metal pipes.


Production capacity: 3-220 m³/h


Application range: Hydrocyclone Desanders are mainly used for classification, separation, concentration and desliming in the mineral processing industry. Working modes include: classification, concentration, dehydration, desliming, desander, washing, super-fine grade, etc.


2. Working principle


The working principle of the Hydrocyclone Desander is centrifugal sedimentation. When the two-phase (or three-phase) mixture to be separated enters the cyclone from the feed port of the cyclone at a certain pressure, a strong three-dimensional elliptical shear turbulence is generated. Due to the different densities of the particles, the centrifugal force, centripetal buoyancy, fluid drag force, etc. they are subjected to are different. Due to centrifugal sedimentation, most of the coarse particles (or heavy phase) are discharged through the bottom outlet of the cyclone, while most of the fine particles ( (Or light phase) is discharged from the overflow pipe to achieve the purpose of separation and classification.


3.The choice of cyclone


The general principle that should be followed when selecting a Hydrocyclone Desander is: when the processing capacity is large and the separation particle size is required to be coarse, choose a larger diameter Hydrocyclone Desander; when the processing capacity is large and the separation particle size is required, choose a small diameter Hydrocyclone Desander, and install a hydrocyclone group to use. In order to obtain a coarse overflow particle size, a lower feed pressure or a higher feed concentration can be used; if a finer overflow particle size is required, a higher feed pressure or a low feed concentration is required.


4.Configuration and installation should pay attention to


When configuring and installing the Hydrocyclone Desander, attention should be paid to:


1). For Hydrocyclone Desanders fed by pumps, in order to ensure the feeding pressure, the pump should be as close as possible to the Hydrocyclone Desanders. The position of the Hydrocyclone Desanders should be as low as possible. The pipes should be short and straight with fewer elbows.


2). When the Hydrocyclone Desander is assembled in combination, the geometric centerline of each component must be installed correctly.


3). The overflow pipe (outer overflow pipe) is generally larger than the inner overflow pipe during installation to reduce overflow discharge resistance. The end of the pipe should be higher than the insertion depth of the inner overflow pipe to avoid siphoning.


4). A switch and a diaphragm pressure gauge must be installed at the inlet of each large-diameter Hydrocyclone Desander or each group of small-diameter Hydrocyclone Desanders.


5). The Hydrocyclone Desander unit should be guaranteed to have more than 20% spare capacity, and the pump must be guaranteed to have 100% spare capacity.


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