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12 zones of oil field development in North Kunlun Oilfield

12 zones of oil field development in North Kunlun Oilfield

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  China oil network news according to the present situation of kunbei oilfield cut 12 E31 reservoir water rises fast, rapid production decline, the comprehensive management of multiple rounds of poor results, the geological research of bedrock reservoir block in Qinghai oilfield, bedrock reservoir scale built and benefit development. In August 1st, 12 wells produced nearly 100 tons per day.

  The basement oil reservoir in cut 12 area of Kun Bei oilfield, Qinghai, was found in 2010. At first, due to the unclear understanding of the basement reservoir and the immature development technology, the bedrock reservoir has not attracted the attention of the scientific research units and production units. In 2014, the two oil production plant optimized 3 vertical wells in cut 12 area, and succeeded in fracturing measures in the basement oil reservoir section, with an average daily output of more than 20 tons of oil.

  To expand the development effect of bedrock reservoir, Qinghai oilfield exploration and Development Research Institute through the strengthening of the bedrock geological features of reservoirs and well logging interpretation research, take the fine 3D well deployment and drilling track, formed the bedrock for efficient development of horizontal well technology. At the same time, combined with the whole hydrocarbon display analysis of drilling and production of bedrock production well, the development characteristics and fluid distribution law of favorable reservoir in bedrock reservoir are defined. On this basis, the 3D geological model of bedrock reservoir is established, and the orientation, length and layout method of horizontal well are proved, and the design of 3D integrated well location is realized.

  Strengthen tracking while drilling and pay attention to process management. In the process of horizontal well drilling, strengthen the drilling of horizontal well trajectory tracking, update and stratigraphic correlation, forecast the target depth and angle; communicate with the scene, according to reservoir prediction depth, target time, make proposals for adjustment of the trajectory of the next step; update the structure and properties of target model. According to the oil and gas shows, timely adjustment of track, ensure high drilling rate.

  At the end of July, a total of 12 districts of cutting rock reservoir deployment of 14 horizontal wells, production of 12, the average drilling rate of up to 99.4%, at the beginning of operation, the average single well oil production 14.05 tons, higher than the design output of more than 10 tons, is 3 times more than the straight wells. The bedrock reservoir in cut 12 area is the main force to decrease the production decline of E31 reservoir in this area.

  At present, the proportion of daily production of bedrock reservoirs in cut 12 area has accounted for more than 55% of the whole oil field in Kunming oilfield. Because there is a uniform oil and water system between the 12 bedrock and the E31 reservoir, there is no mudstone interlayer between them. The E31 reservoir water injection enters the bedrock, which effectively complements the formation energy of the bedrock reservoir. Next, the oil field will actively explore the development plan of the group fracture network fracturing technique and the bedrock test water injection so as to realize the joint development between the E31 reservoir and the bedrock reservoir in cut 12 area.

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